Not just a man´s best friend.

Oscar – our Australian Sheperd.

As long as I can think, we have had pets at home. I got my first cat to my holy communion and she lived with us for 14 years. She was easy to look after, was outside most of the time, you almost didn´t notice she was there. Then, there was this phase every child experiences once upon a time with having numerous hamsters, mice and all sorts of cage-animals – that just stank and fabricated a whole lot of work, but in actual fact, where absolutely useless.

So sooner or later I became a “Cat Person” and before I knew it there were more and more “cuddle cats” living with us. When Minka (the first one) died, we got two cats from the rescue home, one of them sadly got killed, but we went to get two further cats. I was given a Siamese cat and another one picked our house as his new home. So, in total, we suddenly had four cats at home.

My long-time dream of having a dog was not realisable for a long time. It was neither fair to my parents to look after one nor for the dog itself for me to be away so much with my job. I simply did not have time for a dog. Once, my now husband came into my life a lot of things changed, with it the subject dog as well. All of a sudden, the dream was more realistic and so close to grab that soon it was not only clear that we would get a dog, but also which breed: an Australian Sheperd.

My love for these intelligent, colourful and simply heart-warming animals had been longstanding. One Winter, I was on my way to my skiing holiday. Taking a break, I bumped into a beautiful, grey-black chequered dog with long fur and a sporty wifey alongside – it looked like the perfect combination. I knew nothing about this breed and started talking to this woman about it. From this moment on it was clear to me, if I ever got a dog, it would be an “Aussie”.

A good friend of mine has had the pleasure of having a Mini Aussie for numerous years and I got a recommendation for a good breeder. We saw Oscar for the first time when he was just four-weeks old: he was one of eight, the biggest and most quiet and extremely relaxed laying in the corner. It was clear for my husband that this would be our dog – and he turned out to be right. We brought Oscar home with 11 weeks and from that day he has never ever done anything stupid. He is bright and cute, extremely clever and gets bored pretty quickly by learning these so-called puppy-tricks.

Oscar celebrated his first birthday a few weeks ago and to this day he has not hindered our lifes in any shape or form. I realise only now, that four cats are more hard work than one dog. We take him everywhere, he loves to drive in the car, if he has to wait somewhere for two hours, he just does it without moaning. I love our daily long strolls through the field and I am fitter than I have ever been. Never would I have imagined that I would get up early to go for a walk when it´s foggy and cold outside, but here we go. There is nothing else I enjoy watching more than Oscar running through the fields. And I know one thing for sure: Oscar will be the best “Babysitter” for our new-born baby.

Read more about the habits and characteristics about Australian Shepherds in features to come.

Text: Jasmin Wörz
Images: Alok Paleri


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