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TCM. Three letters we have all heard somewhere around. TCM is the abbreviation for Traditional Chinese Medicine. For a number of years, nutritional sciences, ways of work-out methods and alternative medicine from Far East have become increasingly popular. Despite most of the methods not being accepted by Western standards, many people are looking for last-minute help in alternative medicines. I am no different, however, but I do find most of it as moneymaking.

A manuscript called „The classics of roots and herbs by the forming countryman“ was written almost two centuries before Christ by a man called Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing. He was a kind of doctor, a shaman, a spiritual healer, nobody knows it quite well. But the book demonstrates in a wonderfully detailed way plenty of tipps and tricks how to incorporate natural ingredients into the way of living – and most of them can still be found today.

Most of it is hocus-pocus for me, but I do believe in the healing powers of natural products and herbs. I was given a beautifully written book by my grandma, which deals with all sorts of herbs and flowers, specifically those who grow in the Austrian Alps and in South Tyrol. Unfortunately, most of it cannot be found in our countryside these days and that´s the reason why I have put together my very own herb garden outside my house. For tummy ache, I use fresh peppermint, from Morocco, Argentina or England. If I feel feverish, I take fresh camomile. Each Spring, I do a four-week tea-drinking-routine with fresh stinging nettles. I drink Thyme if I have a sore throat and I chew on parsley to get rid off bad breath (when eating too much garlic, for example).

On the other side, I would never do a so-called Detox-treatment. I do like to drink Smoothies occasionally, but not to clean my body, but more to use up „old“ fruit. Just think about eating brown bananas…yuck!

TCM as we know it today is based on a centurylong tradition from China. You can search the Internet and will come across numerous products, that are somehow connected to TCM. I leave that choice to everyone. For myself, I found my very own TCM-products that I trust in, because I find them pure and honest.

Master Lin, a Buddhist monk and an expert in far east healing methods, has created this selected luxurious natural cosmetic based on TCM, which methods and secret ingredients can be traced back all the way to Chinese imperial court.

Precious Ingredients like fine gold, pearls, medicinal herbs, and sensual essential oils form a symbiotic unity of nature, health and beauty. Master Lin naturally rebalances the skin to provide elasticity, vitality and freshness.

My Personal Favourites:


This is a wonderfully balancing tonic, giving you rosy cheeks whenever you want. I use this Tonic every time I feel like it and it is a MUST to take on the plane with you. With its 60ml it is allowed in your hand luggage!




Powders for cleaning are THE things right now and this cleanser made of fantastic natural ingredients is a multi-tool. If you use a lot of water to mix it, you get a great, soft foam for all over the face. If you only use a drop of water, you get a really thick substance for either peeling or putting on as a mask. It is made of gently ground pearls (antiseptic), tiger grass (disinfecting), camomile (calming) and hand-picked wild herbs. The powder gently cleans your face without harming the skin’s natural protective layer. If I wasn´t so convinced by its results, I would not use it, because the smell is not exactly what you call appealing.


Text: Jasmin Wörz
Photos: Master Lin
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