Looks like I´m pregnant 1.0.

My very personal pregnancy journal.  

The first window appears, right good, the test is valid. But before I can head downstairs to make my morning cup of tea, there seems to be a line appearing in the second window, too. Seriously? With eyes wide open I stare at the test, holding it tight between my hands, turn and twist it, but the second line does not seem to disappear. My eyes fill with tears. How can this be? After all the years of not taking any contraception, of taking a pregnancy test every so often just to be sure nothing had happened. And now this! I finally head downstairs into the kitchen to make tea, or at least try to do so. But before I can even fill the kettle with water I break down. Big tears are making their way down my cheeks. Am I now happy or am I starting to hyperventilate?  Somehow, I manage to make that cup of tea and head back upstairs into the bathroom. The second line is still there. I sit calm and tight on the edge of the bath tub. Staring in disbelieve at the test. Ok, I think to myself, let’s get a hold of yourself, it´s not like I am surprisingly pregnant. I have been married to the love of my life for three months and we never took any contraception. We always said “If it happens, it happens” and we would be happy with it and by the looks of it, it had happened.

We had to wait another five days until the first visit at the gynaecologist. Schatzi (alias hubby) was over the moon, but we kept our excitement at a minimum, since we knew all would be ok. I did not have any symptoms for a pregnancy whatsoever and I did everything you are not supposed to do when pregnant. Before we found out we holidayed in Dubai. I smoked Shisha, ate Sushi (raw fish, very bad!), worked-out in the gym like a normal lunatic to keep my six-pack (which would turn out as a bad idea later on), played tennis in the midday heat and drank alcohol. So I did all the things every clever book about pregnancy would tell you to avoid from the very first day of carrying a child. But who could have known that there is some small human something growing inside of me. The thought still sends me shivers down my back, positively.

So far, so good. It was the day of my appointment at the doctor and with the ultrasound it was all confirmed. There it was, a tiny little something measuring a mere one centimetre. Something inside my body wanted to become big and large and turn my life up-side-down in less than eight months’ time. So were my thoughts. My parents were beyond excited but also knew that we had to wait another few gruelling weeks until we would know for sure all is safe. Until we knew, that Seppi (we were convinced it would be a boy) would be happily and healthily growing…

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