I was only gone for a minute…

...and rediscovered my life!

Sometimes it is hard to grasp what can happen in one single year. Whilst others just live their lives and follow their daily routines, I happened to meet the love of my life by chance, put a golden band on my ring finger only eight months later, have a little energy fluff-ball keeping me busy every day and just so it happened I am pregnant with my first child.

To say, I had an exciting year, could be seen as a slight understatement. On both professional and private levels it was very exciting, but it took me almost 34 years of my life to realise one important thing: to live! My husband was the first to make me realise that it is not normal to answer an email at 8pm on a Saturday.

I count myself extremely lucky to have the luxury to plan my own time due to my self-employment. But I never actually used the free time that was on my hands. But by now, I treat weekends as a quiet relaxation phase and don´t run around the fields like a lunatic, but actually enjoy the hours with Oscar out in the nature to recharge my batteries.

And since my belly dimensions are constantly (and fast) growing, it´s nice to put your feet up and let the sun tickle the tip of your nose – even just for a few minutes. Many have told me that once you turn 30 something will change, but nobody has ever actually been able to tell me what changes.

For my part I can only say as much: I feel settled. And for this reason I have brought new life to „Country Pumpkin“. There are many great stories, plenty of interesting subjects waiting for you and I will welcome every one of you to come along on my journey. I am also happy for you to contact me directly with any questions or interests. I look forward to it!

Thank you, Yours Jasmin


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