Bunny and the myth about his eggs.

How the Easter Bunny got his job.

Many of you will be longing for the end of Easter holidays, many of you will have a grueling weekend with the relatives behind and there will be many of you having almost eaten all of your chocolates already. Easter is almost worse than Christmas in terms of actually forgetting what it is all about. Whilst Christmas is a quiet moment celebrating love and happiness with your family, Easter has only one thing in mind: It is a big feast!

If you are one of the few lucky ones, who endured the last six weeks since Ash Wednesday and kept your hands of the sweets cupboard, then congratulations, because now you can recklessly munch into the chocolate box and eat all you can. But hang on a second, who puts the Easter eggs into the basket? Right, the Easter Bunny. But, are we not missing a point here? Who had this great idea to put nonsense into our kids ears by telling them a rabbit has laid the eggs?

In actual fact, the famous Easter Bunny has been around since the 18th century and has been busy placing „his“ eggs into our gardens. The rabbit has long been a synonym for fertility and there are even stories about it going back all the way to the old Babylon. I mean, a good rabbit mummy gives birth to 20 babies – per year! At the same time, an egg is the symbol of fertility and happiness. The rabbit is also associated with the goddess of fertility, the so-called Eostre (Easter). So I guess someone put one and one together and made two similar products into one, naming the Easter Bunny and his eggs. And since Eostre is celebrated in Spring, Christianity thought the rabbit would fit the image perfectly. 

I also found the information, that Holy Thursday used to be pay-day for debtors and creditors in the middle age. And what did they pay with? Exactly…rabbits and eggs.

So there are a few reasonable explanations as to why the rabbit brings us the eggs on Easter, but I must admit they seem far fetched. But lets be honest: It wouldn´t be as half as cute, if a moody, cackling hen would hush through our gardens with colourful eggs. There is nothing in the world that can replace our symbol for Easter, since nothing is as cute as a fluffy snub nosed rabbit. Happy Easter!

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