Hi! Welcome to my blog. Heres a little about me:

I was born and raised in Germany, but I did all my growing up once I moved to Great Britain aged 18. I studied in two of the most beautiful places in England, Oxford and Bath, and had the time of my life. After successfully completing my Diploma in Media Publishing, I pursued my dream of working in Motorsports, which I have done all my life ever since. Even now, eight years since I moved back home, I miss England every day. I miss my friends, I miss the friendliness, I miss the unique countryside, a Sunday roast, Yorkshire Pudding and simply the different way of life.

In the fall of 2011, I set up my own PR Agency and have been working in Motorsports and some other exciting areas. But my life took a a 180° turn, when I met Jürgen just before Christmas 2016. We started dating soon after, got married eight months later on 28th October, have been parents of our beautiful and cheeky Australian Sheperd Oscar and am expecting our first child, which is due in October.

I love my job and would never want to stop it. I also love writing. I love writing about things that are right here in my life right now. I love to share my experiences with people around the world.

Country Pumpkin is a place to follow on my new journey, hear my thoughts and feelings and read about interesting topics. Things I am passionate about. Country Pumpkin is a place, that talks to you with words and photography.

I am flattered that people care about me and are interested in reading my blog! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along my exciting new life and hope, I can inspire you in some way or another.

Always, yours Jasmin

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