A Bavarian and a Smoothie.

How I got my husband to start eating vegetables.

Every beginning is hard and a new relationship also has its pitfalls. Schatzi aka Husband moved in with me pretty shortly after our first date and so the initial feeling of happy-in-love and butterflies and things had to stand the test of living together on a daily basis. Which brings me to our topic today: Cooking!

I would not exactly call myself a typical housewife, who enjoys standing in the kitchen and cooking all the time. I do, however, very much enjoy cooking when I have time to try new recipes and new ingredients. At this point, I should also mention I eat very healthy, not to stay slim, but simply enjoy it. I have my five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and take good care of my general well-being.

Well, and then Schatzi came into my life. As the typical Bavarian man, meat and dumplings are a regular on his menu, preferably gratinated with cheese and with a lot of brown sauce covering the entire plate. To cut a long story short: Cooking very quickly got on my nerves, because I always had to cook two separate dishes, and dare I ever put even the smallest pea on his plate…

Ok, I do understand, that tastes may vary and I also don´t eat everything (Aubergines, just saying, who needs them? Yuk!), but I have never come across a person in my entire life that eats now salad or vegetables whatsoever.

Even if I just sprinkled some little fresh chives on fried eggs or an omelette, it was called rough (for non-golfers, that´s the grass outside a fairway on a golf course). How someone like that can then go and eat a whole package of spinach with his fish fingers is beyond me.

One day all of a sudden there was a small change visible. Fried pepper stripes were eaten without even the slightest protest and it even got that far that we ate a salad almost every evening, with turkey slices or just some greens.

And another day, this whole matter took a completely new turn: Schatzi asked for a green smoothie. I have no idea how long I stared at him with eyes wide open, but it felt like ages. Schatzi had read an article about Golf legend Gary Player, in which the 81-year-old talked about his daily indulgence of a very unique and special smoothie in order to keep fit and active. Once I looked upon all the ingredients, not only the smoothie was green, but my face turned to the same colour. I am used to some weird creations on how to make veggies drinkable, but that was something else: Sorrel, Garlic, Chard, Purslane to name but a few. I was even more astounded when Schatzi drowned one large glass of this green miracle drink in one go and said how delicious it was.

In what way or another we get our men to eat more healthy and eat their green stuff, I felt very lucky about a small but life-changing article in a golf magazine. And all of a sudden, I enjoy cooking again every day.

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